Our Groomers are knowledgeable in grooming all breeds. Please inform us of the style and length you desire. When picking up your pet, take a moment to look for any changes you may want made. Your satisfaction is our goal. If after taking your pet home you find you want a change, please call us within 48 hours to make arrangements to bring your pet back.

Services Offered

Deluxe Treatments
All deluxe treatments include a bath, 15 minute brush out, body massage, nail clip, ear cleaning, ribbons and/or bandana.
  • Bath and Brush
  • Bath and Trim
  • Bath and Full-Body Cut 

Money Saver
  • No Frills Bath: bath and cage dry

Skin and Coat Care
  • Medicated Shampoos
  • Hypo-allergenic Shampoo
  • Natural Flea Shampoo

    Additional Grooming Information

    • Appointments must be made in advance.
    • Your pet will need to stay with us for at least four hours.
    • Fees vary due to a pet’s size, temperament, coat variety and coat condition. We will give an estimate of cost when we evaluate your pet for grooming.